IMG_8764Ruggero Petroncini, a master craftsman with a strongly creative attitude, founded Officine Petroncini in Bologna in 1919. At first, Ruggero shared his dream of building a business with a fellow friend who had the same passion for coffee roasting. Unfortunately, the two were soon torn apart by different thoughts about roasting: Ruggero fostered the convection roasting technique, which uses a hot air stream to transfer heat to the coffee beans. In his opinion, no other method could allow the coffee beans to develop such intense aromas and flavours.
Officine Petroncini has since developed and enhanced the technology connected to the convection roasting technique. Nowadays, our roasting machines perfectly put into effect the convection roasting technique, thus allowing Officine Petrocini to become one of the leading companies in the field of coffee processing.


Nowadays Petroncini is the IMA Group company specialized in complete roasting coffee plants and similar products like nuts and cocoa, providing machines with capabilities to roast from 3,5 kg/h up to 3.5 tons/h, for any kind of coffee brewing style: from espresso to drip, from istant to turkish coffee. Furthermore, Petroncini provides complete coffee processing systems, from the green coffee intaking up to the feeding of packaging machines with beans and ground coffee, thereby providing superior expertise in feeding solutions for capsule and pod packaging lines.


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