Sensing Future Days are now freely available on-demand

Responding to the high enthusiasm aroused from the previous live sessions, the Sensing Future Days event is now reloaded and available on demand 24/7 in a dedicated area. Starting from June 29th, all the talks on the latest innovations, tech insights and presentations of new processing and packaging machines offered by IMA, will be available again in the Sensing Future Days on-demand area.

90+ live speeches divided by topics and market, and a dynamic 3D virtual venue with the widest range of solutions for the packaging and processing industry. Virtual rooms will host again the machines on show, unveiling the key technical features with the visitors. In addition, it will be possible to get in touch directly with the IMA assistants for scheduling a one-to-one meeting with the experts.

Watch now the coffee talks reloaded!

Coffee roasting innovations

An in-depth focus on the roasting process could not be missed.

Petroncini TMR ROASTERSreliable roasting control and maximum energy saving

During his speech, Luca Giberti – Sales Manager at Petroncini – has unveiled the company R&D efforts to set out a roaster machine able to guarantee the reliability, consistency and repeatability of the final product over the time in the industrial productions, optimising the energy consumption and preventing any unexpected plant stops. The result is the Petroncini TMR Roaster model, the company’s machine series with a precise and reliable roasting control, and a 25-30% energy saving, compared to the traditional roasters on the market.

“AI-LEARNING TO ROAST” – The machine learning model applied to the roasters to enhance the productivity

The Sensing Future Days event has been the perfect place to present “Ai-learning to roast”, a project focused on the application of the Machine Learning Model for an innovative approach to the coffee roasting. The project aims to further enhance the reliability of TMR roasting control in all the machine sizes, especially on the setting-up of new non-conventional roasting profiles and during frequently recipe changes, anticipating any unexpected situation and minimizing the fine-tuning operations made by high specialized technicians. The system will be able to automatically recognize the patterns to be adopted considering the coffee processing inputs – such as coffee type and ending temperatures desired – and the machine’s modular layout.

Luca Giberti, Sales Manager at Petroncini, tells about the “Ai-learning to roast” project during the Sensing Future Days

The agenda on coffee continues with the presentation of the packaging news and innovations applied on the automatic machines.

Packaging innovations for single serve capsules


UNIKA, the new ten lane machine for the capsule packaging of coffee and soluble product, has been presented for the first time at the Sensing Future Days by Giacomo Spreafico – Area Manager at IMA Coffee.

The main benefit of this machine, he said, is for sure the accessibility because the operator can work on both sides of the machine and he can also intervene very easily. There are independent working stations in every unit controlled by brushless motors, which allow the operator to electronically adjust both heights and times of every single group from the panel. UNIKA can handle any type of capsule in aluminium, plastic, or compostable material.

NEW UNIKA – modular capsule filling and sealing solution up to 600 capsules per minute

Especially regarding the sustainability and recycling of capsules, the Sensing Future Days offered in-depth focuses and many interesting points of view, sharing the new developments and recycling opportunities with a roundtable conducted by Nicola Panzani, Sales Director at IMA Coffee and the capsules suppliers Macchiavelli Group, Belmoca and BISIO. A second roundtable has focused on the approaches to reduce the coffee capsule environmental impact with particular attention to the shelf life and preservation of the product quality, with the latest innovations on recycling materials developed by MENSHEN, Capsul’in, TERRACAPS and FLO.

Packaging innovations for bags

3C-130 VFFS – solution for ground coffee and beans

Stefano Pavan and Ignacio Sikora, Sales Managers at IMA Coffee, have presented the 3C-130 vertical form fill and seal machine for ground coffee and beans, combined with an ILAPAK multi-head dosing machine. The 3C-130 is a flexible and reliable machine, Pavan says, offering several possible combinations such as pillow bags, stabilo bags (flat bottom), 4-corner sealed with nitrogen flushing, guaranteeing and outstandingly reduced footprint compared to other machines.

The 3C-130 is available for intermitted or continuous motion for higher production rate without any stops. The modular frame opens with an easy access to every part and guarantees the simplest and quickest change over procedure. A multiple choice for weighing systems is also granted.

Packaging innovations for capsule cartoning

FTB577-C capsule cartoning and MMP400 wraparound solutions

Suitable to be connected to the NEW UNIKA capsule filling machine, the FTB577-C cartoning machine is meant for the most precise and flexible packaging for the Nespresso compatible capsules. In the live session, Alessandro Nobili, Head of the Product Management at IMA Coffee, unveiled the FTB577-C main features and benefits during the machine’s running.

The FTB577-C can be arranged in different configurations in terms of capsule collection: from the nested configuration up to the flower one, which can be arranged for a single layer of 10 capsules (8 face down and 2 face up) or 2 layers of 5 (4 face down and 1 face up each layer). It is also possible to randomly fill the capsules into the carton without any orientation. According to the customer demand, the same machine can be arranged to handle different types of closures, starting from the simplest one – with just the top flap or adding the frontal flap – up to 2 additional later flaps up to the more complex flip top closure.

Elena Tomelli, Product Manager at IMA BFB, completed the presentation of the IMA Coffee Packaging solutions with the IMA BFB MMP400 – a wraparound packing machine for coffee capsule cartons – with an in-depth focus on flexible and sustainable opportunities on packaging.

IMA at a glance

On demand more than 90 speeches with experts on pharma, food and diary, automation, tea&herbs, coffee, offering a complete scenario of the IMA Group for the different markets.

Among all the tech insights, participants will also have the opportunity to access specific corporate areas such as IMA Digital: a project for processing and packaging 4.0, re-thinking flows and processes in the manufacturing world.

An immersive journey with IMA digital tools into Field Service Management, Virtual Service for production, Remote FAT, Remote Assistance, Virtual Training and Connected Field Force, Virtual Commissioning, Robotics in Manufacturing, the power of Connected Machines, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and… much more.

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