Sensing Future Days_IMA COFFEE

The Sensing Future Days event is back with a second session of live speeches focused on the latest innovations and tech insight developed by IMA group, combined with the presentation of new processing and packaging machines. Virtual rooms will host the machines on show, unveiling technical features and sharing relevant information with the participants. It will be possible to get in touch directly with the specialists for a one-to-one meeting.

This second half of the initiative will be held from June 10 to 12 and will host the business leaders in the packaging and processing industry.

What is new in the IMA Coffee Hub?

IMA COFFEE_processing_packaging solutions

The answer in the opening session, focused on the wide range of solutions for the world of coffee roasters offered by IMA, that can now address any issue facing coffee producers, starting from the green coffee delvering to the bulk-packaged capsules, pods and ground coffee or beans shipping to retail outlets. Nicola Panzani, Sales Director at IMA Coffee Hub will conduct a journey through the coffee solutions and round tables: capsules, sustainability and recycling opportunities on materials with the support of Macchiavelli Group, Belmoca and BISIO; preservation and shelf life extension in collaboration with MENSHEN, Capsul’in, TERRACAPS and FLO.

The coffee processing solutions

An in-depth focus on the roasting process cannot miss. Luca Giberti, Sales Manager at Petroncini, is going to be live on air with the latest news on the coffee roasting: TMR roasters, a reliable roasting control with the maximum energy saving. “Ai-learning to roast” project, focused on the application of the Machine Learning Model to the coffee roasters to perform remarkable level of productivity, will be presented for the first time on the Sensing Future Days stage.

The agenda on coffee topics continues with the presentation of the packaging news and innovations applied on the filling, sealing, bagging, cartoning and wrapping automatic machines.

The primary packaging

Sensing Future Days event will be the perfect stage to present UNIKA, the new ten lane machine for the capsule packaging of coffee and soluble product, that will have its world premiere by Giacomo Spreafico – Area Manager at IMA Coffee. The 3C-130, a vertical form fill seal machine for ground coffee and beans, will be presented by Stefano Pavan and Ignacio Sikora, Sales Managers at IMA Coffee.

The secondary packaging

Alessandro Nobili, Sales and Product Manager at IMA Coffee will be presenting the FTB577-C cartoning machine for aluminium capsules.

The end-of-the-line

The IMA BFB MMP400 – wrap around case packer for coffee capsule cartons will be presented by Elena Tomelli, Product Manager at IMA BFB, combining a focus on flexible and sustainable opportunity on packaging.

IMA: a global affair

Live sessions with experts on pharma, food and dairy, automation, tea&herbs will offer a complete scenario of the IMA Group offer for the different markets.

Among all the tech insights, participants will also have the opportunity to access to specific corporate areas such as IMA Digital: a project for processing and packaging 4.0, re-thinking flows and processes in the manufacturing world.

An immersive journey with our digital tools into Field Service Management, Virtual Service for production, Remote FAT, Remote Assistance, Virtual Training and Connected Field Force, Virtual Commissioning, Robotics in Manufacturing, the power of Connected Machines, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and… much more.

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