“To define a roasting profile”, the new chapter of “The secrets of coffee”

We are glad to share with all the coffee community another chapter of the serie “The secret of coffee” , dedicated to the roasting.

Enjoy the video-interview To define a roasting profile, a speach of Roberto Pedini product manager of Petroncini Impianti.

“There are many factors to consider and to not underestimate for obtaining an appropriate roasting profile. These factors are not only the tastes and aromas of the product, but also the orientation of the markets, the taste habits of the people to whom we will sell our product, the extraction methods as moka, espresso, filter and so on. The roasting profiles will be differents for each application. Thinking about Italy, the country of Espresso culture, it is divided into two main trends: in the north of Italy, more acidic taste are preferred, so the roasting profiles will be shorter; in the south, are more apprecciated the aromatic full-bodied and caramelled flavors, which will correspond to stronger roasting profiles. For this reason, before trying to choose the most suitable roasting profiles, we must have in mind what final product we want to get, its destination and extraction method.”